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Before We Proceed
Lady, You Are Safe With Me
Women Of The West

Our government deports women:
back to this. They don't care.
'We just don't want to see it (here)...'

Before We Proceed

This is a gift
from a mother to her daughter
to make the bond stronger

A gift of cleanliness
only women may receive
From now on, a child
you will no longer be

It's a blessing
passed on for ages
from a mother to her daugher
from a Queen to a Princess
as kingdom is handed over

Be not afraid my child
These hands shall be guided
to fulfill
with surgical skill
the wish of honour, dignity
to be protected
against the lust of the beast

For one day
Your King
will make his entrance
and he,
as so promised,
will be certain
he'll be
the first and
only one

Joke Kaviaar 2001

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Lady, You Are Safe With Me

you are safe with me
like money in a bank
Do not be ashamed for me
In me you can confide
I am the good guy
the law on my side
I'll listen
I'll write
We'll make a report

you thought you were promised
by these men,
a career in the spotlights,
in dressing room mirrors
where the face of a poor girl
would soon fade away
behind glamourous make up

You were one of the lucky girls
to escape the stripped land
to escape the sick water
The rape, the stoning, the razorsharp knife

you thought this was
Your opportunity to make it
An airway to freedom
paved with drifting clouds
You'd send
money home to mama
A flow of finances
laced with lipstick
and 'wish you well's'

you dug up the coins
you had secretly saved
in a hole in the ground
to pay for the trip
You could earn the rest later
as soon as you got settled down
in a furnished appartment Up-Town
High above the dirt
Windows so large
you'd forget they were there
and the light in the sky
would forever change the eye
of the innocent child from the wild
and her coconut smile
you came here
in a box of death,
You'd been wondering
why everyone else kept so quiet

So quiet

must have been tired
Must have been afraid
They must have been told
not a sound to make
So you figured
you just had to wait

you woke up
when they opened the truck
and told you
that you were there
in this world where
the rain was made of champagne
where all of your misery
would soon be forgotten
in the rush of
the hush new reality,
and in that truck
was this familiar smell,
and in that truck
there was no-one that could tell
where you came from

But hey,
You were there!
and from now on
all you had to do was to
Just follow the man

You lost your bag
You lost your cash
You lost your sense of direction

You lost your passport
You lost your rags
You lost but soon would win Just trust the man
'cause you're exotic
A special brand of bush bush bitch

you were given new underwear
Unworthy of a girl like you
You were given a new name
for whitey easy to pronounce

you thought
you'd be a model
You were chosen
to parade down the aisle
You would be rewarded
by this body builder Caucasian male
with a hairy chest

Bad breath
Bad manners So
you wanted to leave
To walk away from
all you were about to become…


but you never did walk away
and there were many more
unzipping burping
for you in store
until all that was left of you
was what I see before me

A bony clap spreading prostitute
Worth nomore
than five bucks
for a blow job given
in a dark corner
of a sleazy establishment
to young kids,
still the smell of
yesterday's diapers
babylotion children
that could learn from you
what women are for

You would still be there,
If it wasn't for us

we want to catch the big boys
the ones with the balls and the bills
So we need you
We need your statement

So you need us
to read to you
what you just said
and to tell you
where to sign

you are safe with me
like a package in the mail
What did you say your name was?
We'll make a report
We'll make them pay
their taxes

and we regret
to have to inform you
that there is no way
that you can stay
in our nation
of liberty and equality
without a work-permit,
without a curriculum vitae,
without a proper address

This case is closed
and so are the frontiers
that you
unlawfully crossed

Joke Kaviaar 2001

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Women Of The West

    What do we care?
Women of the west, locked in embrace with our instant TV images created by comfort and hope, gossip and pity and disgust and cared for by us all, telling us what we are,
    Sexy talkshow host, red-glossed-lips kissing microphone announcing daily dinnertime drama,
Cry-baby Why-baby-lady Left-with-a-baby Poor-with-a- baby Homeless-addicted-and-HIV-positive-with-a-baby Bad- daddy-baby Lady-why-don't-you-sue-the-guy-baby,
    Miss I-can't-live-without-this-washing-powder-it-has- changed-my-life-this-brand-new-brand-it-is-better-once-again and it's so spick and span, away with stains of sperm and chocolate spills,
Little doll-girl combing plastic barbie hair, picking dresses, shoes matching ever so perfectly in shades of pink like candy,
    Tough-mad-mean- butch-in-uniform so she must be a dyke, if women rule they are worse than men,
Sit-com-chatty-heroins in hip teenage dressing of oneliners and eyeliners, stumbling over things-that-just-happen- to-be-there to make a man come to the rescue, and lovesequences between meanwhile quarreling couples in a sexual identity crisis,
    Silicone-cleavage-phonesex-chick, buckle up big prick, I am hot as in spicy, vulcano as in pussy, lava as in cum, rubbing- clit-doing-it while in reality there's a
Grandmother-aged-fifty making a living, reading the script of some male director's phantasy, in that private booth of hers in that large office, pale-lit, among others, wrinkled-freckled- false-teeth-faces,
    Ladyshave-lady-legs smooth-and-shiny-ladies-wax- bikiniline-babe- Say thighs! Say hips! Say ass in the sand on the beach so lose the hair it won't hurt a bit and everywhere you go you will be a perfect fit,
What do we care,
    sportswomen winning a lesser price than men in the same field because nobody is supposed to be interested in the little roll we continue to play,
What do we care,
    women artists hiding behind our man's successtory because in our slave humble minds we think we are no good and why would he disagree,
What do we care,
    except for what we will wear to the shopping mall today
What do we care,
    dance-drink-pills-and-fuck-having-fun, with our stroboscope minds?
What do we care,
    tupperware-twit-do-you-want-more-tea and there's-no- place-like-home - where the freezer is packed with meat, pizza and icecream
What do we care,
    it is not all that bad and if it is, it's not here, it is somewhere, it is there, so why should we care,
Women of the west?

Joke Kaviaar 2001

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