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Slaves Of Us
ISBN 90-77798-04-8 - Nur 306
Out Now! 'SLAVES OF US '

First reading: january 28, ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam

All should be equal. But we're not. Sure, we are on top of the world. Us, the west. Or better, the powers that be, to cut it short. After all, who cares about how the pie is being devided, but a few activists, a handfull of rebel writers and artists? Often they seem a far cry in a deaf world.

But what about those who seek refuge, seek help, food, shelter, peace? Prisoners, tortured, molested. Women, raped, abused, circumcized. Children, used, beaten, traumatized. And what about all those workers that feed our economy until we're done with them? What about them? What about those Slaves Of Us?

This about sums it up, what this book of poetry is all about. Some may not want to listen to what I have to say, but that's just too bad: I'm going to say it anyway, to all of you out there; politicians, machos, opressors, businessmen, right wing radicals, whether you like it or not.

To those who don't need telling, this is to say: keep the spirit of protest alive!

Slaves Of Us contains except for the title poem Slaves Of Us a.o. Stop Deportations, The Right To Speak, Salt, Diss To The Pointless Self, Cave Canem, Women Of The West and The Mouse and has been published by Het Zinkend Schip.

You can order the book by transfer of 10 euro to giroreknr. 1280570 stating 'Slaves Of Us'.

The book will also be available at the lesser price of 8,50 at readings and performances.

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'I do "pow!" that's all I do'
at Ruigoord october 24, 2004
(photo: Peter Edel)

Fort van Sjakoo
Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam

boekhandel Rosa
Folkingedwarsstraat 16a, Groningen

boekhandel De Rooie Rat

...more to follow

Slaves Of Us, ISBN 90-77798-04-8 - Nur 306

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Concerns: New book by Dutch rebel poetess Joke Kaviaar: Slaves Of Us.

Christmas and New Year: the holidays, but not as happy for everyone. Illegals are being deported, squatters evicted, true writers silenced, and critical artists disapproved, while at the same time deceit is mistaken for politics, theft for economics, where the consumption of biological meat is regarded to be animal friendly, and so on and so on. These are matters that occupy the minds of Het Zinkend Schip's crew day and night, and it's captain already for almost four decades. After many years spent far and high up in the mountains, he now is ready to launch his attack right from the heart of the city of Amsterdam and today wishes to bring to your attention Joke Kaviaar, with her latest book Slaves Of Us.

Slaves Of Us is yet another result of Kaviaar's relentless efforts to capture her anger, her protest in writing. Not just to get it off her chest. No, it needs to be said, in a way that makes it hard to ignore, and someone has to do it. So, whether it's about her coming out as a lesbian and the fight for not just acceptance, but equality; or whether it's about, to cut it short, western dominance eating up this planet, it flows from her pen, as tasty or as ugly as in fact it is, in songs, in poetry, in prose. Slaves Of Us is about today slavery, about refugees being deported, a rage against the closing of the borders around the Fortress of Europe, against the mindless acceptance of it all. What more can be said? A few quotes, bits and pieces:

“We've run out of tears and this was the last one I had” (Salt)

“Not in my name! Deportations from the land of tulips Deaf ears in the land of windmills Kicked out of the land of wooden shoes” (Stop Deportations – A Statement Against The Silence)

“and the light in the sky would forever change the eye of the innocent child from the wild and her coconut smile” (Lady You Are Safe With Me)

“how can they be slaves of us as their shackles are made of cotton, as our mercy is forgotten?” (Slaves Of Us)

“Get off the net you lazy monkeys! Off your keyboard, chair and mouse Come as bombers, comes as mollies I don't give a damn for sorry, I refuse to hide and worry, I will never hold my tongue and my words and my lines I feel more disturbed inside if I shut up!” (Diss To The Pointless Self)

The price of the book is 10 euros, bookshops pay 5 euro in advance (or 8,50 on commission basis); those who wish to promote and/or distribute the book or who intend to call Slaves Of Us to attention in the media, will receive a free copy. Readings and performances can be arranged.

Het Zinkend Schip: hetzinkendschip@hotmail.com Joke Kaviaar: joke.kaviaar@zonnet.nl

Kind regards,

Fernand Ronsmans,
captain, raider, stowaway and pirate aboard Het Zinkend Schip

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