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"Het Zinkend Schip"
("The Sinking Ship"):

Slaves Of Us

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If this bottle were a man
thrown into the ocean
If this bottle contained the fear
that came bleeding from this man

If this bottle were a dream
that had long been forgotten
If only this bottle could speak
and make you feel the beating of my breath

Yes if
And only if

Could you then imagine what it would feel like
to be drowning at laws will
Not to be welcome up river, up stream
Could you sleep as peaceful still?

Joke Kaviaar, Ruigoord, may 30 2004

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See her walk the rope
Dancing on the edge of failure
See how well she can cope

See her sway and nearly fall
Hear the audience sigh
to see her again standing tall

Watch the grip of her feet
Follow the steps of an antelope
See how she stands the heat

See her arms open up wide
See how she laughs at us all
See her jump, slip and slide

See the way she looses her fear
Towards the end, now within reach
Watch the people cheer

Hear the clapping of their hands
Witness the death of a stranger
When in triumph she safely lands

from the booklet of Treasure Of Love

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